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Ultrak9 Pro removes AGEs from your dog’s body caused by burned food. Food hormones and any other additives are genetically engineered. UltraK9 Pro helps your dog’s digestion.

Primal nutrients are included in UltraK9 Pro in the greatest way possible. It is a complete therapy for your dog’s health.

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Why Choose Prostadine ?


FDA Approved

The product is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility.


100% Natural

All ingredients are 100 % pure, Natural, and carefully sourced.


GMP Certified

It is produced in a GMP certified facility in the United States.


Made In The USA

This Supplement is manufactured in the United States.

What is UltraK9 Pro ?

ultrak9pro supplements
ultrak9pro dog

UltraK9 Pro, a cutting-edge nutritional supplement, was created exclusively for dogs to boost their vitality and general health in a pleased state. Dogs that take it as a supplement benefit from adequate energy levels and a healthy digestive system, both of which aid in their ability to stay active. It has a proprietary mix made up of nine premium, superior primordial ingredients that were created specifically to boost your dog’s health.

Your dog can become the fierce, healthy, and active wolf it once was with the use of this innovative treatment. The special nutrients in this mix help your dog lose weight and give the body the nutrients it needs. This product helps your dog’s liver, kidneys, and thyroid function better so they can fight off unnatural poisons in the body.

This is a solution your dog has never seen before. Consider how amazing it would feel to watch your dog gain energy, improve digestion, and maintain healthy-looking hair.

UltraK9 Pro’s robust blend of essential nutrients will hasten your dog’s return to their previous level of alertness and vivacity. These special nutrients might help your dog lose any extra fat that you aren’t aware of. The only full therapy for canine health and longevity, this is the ideal treat for your dog’s meals.

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60 Days Money Back Guarantee 100% SATISFACTION

In order to preserve your reserves, There is a 60-day money-back guarantee available on all Ultra K9 Pro purchases. If you are not entirely pleased with this product, your results, or your experience during the first 60 days of your purchase, please let us know by contacting our toll-free number or sending an email to contact@ultrak9pro-product.com for Ultra K9 Pro support. Within 48 hours of receiving the returned item, we’ll give a complete refund.

Real Supplement Users. Real Life-Changing Results.

"Since I started giving my puppy these nutrients, he has had more energy, and it honestly feels like a whole different dog. He seems incredibly appreciative and satisfied that I am keeping an eye on him, and I can tell it."
Julia G.
New York, USA
"After learning about these nutrients, Lola has returned to her puppy-like size. She exudes such enthusiasm and vitality. I really believe that utilising these nutrients, which we have only been doing for a few weeks, is the finest thing I have ever done for her..
Miranda Fisher
Dallas, USA
“My goldie, Bobby, has never been happier. He is easily faster than most of the younger dogs in the park at the age of eleven. I'll do everything in my ability to maintain his current condition because he's in the best form of his life.”
Joshua P.
Texas, USA

UltraK9 Pro - How To Give Your Dog?

To enhance the outcomes provided by the formula, make sure to stick to a healthy diet plan and perform simple exercises.

Dogs respond favourably to the UltraK9 Pro formula, which may be given with meals. As a consequence, this supplement, which is available in the form of simple drops, contains all-natural, full-spectrum nutrients that improve Your dog’s nutritional health. It should be taken on a daily basis for the greatest results.

Ultra K9 Pro may be used to any feed, including homemade or purebred meals, as a supplement. Take notice of how your dog nibbled on each meal and asked for more. As soon as you complete the concoction, the ingredients will start working their magic by delivering high quantities of nutrients to your dog’s circulation, and the benefits will be seen immediately!

The components will begin working their magic as soon as you finish the recipe, and the results will be accessible promptly! The product tastes like delectable chicken bone broth, which every pet you’ve ever met adores. They spent every penny they had to make UltraK9 Pro, which has the best flavour and is the healthiest alternative.

How Well Does UltraK9 Pro™ Works For You?

UltraK9 Pro is the only all-encompassing programme for canine health and longevity, as well as the most delightful reward for your dog’s meals. Consider how much more effectively your dog’s body will perform, how much less misery and anguish his digestion will cause, and how much less inflammation will be present throughout his entire body, particularly in his joints and tendon soreness. All of this will add years to the life of your dog.

The “wolf Switch,” which is the body’s natural response to essential nutrients, can result in what some experts call the dog’s metamorphosis back into the fierce, healthy wolf it is at its heart.

When fed the necessary nutrition, dog owners have noticed that their canines seem better nourished and have more energy. It helps your dog’s digestion by causing firmer, less pungent faeces, better teeth health and odour, and reduced joint inflammation. This treatment will make your dogs feel like aggressive, determined wolves rather than elderly, worn-out gentlemen.

Obese dogs may also be more prone to certain disorders such as joint problems, diabetes, liver disease, and heart disease. If you notice your dog gaining weight fast or acting unusually poorly, you must take them to the vet.

UltraK9 Pro Ingredients

The finest ingredients were used, and they came from their original sources. Details about the supplement’s main ingredients are provided below :

The following is a list of what contains as ingredients:

Chicken Bone Broth

Chicken Bone Broth :

Bone broth is rich and delicious and supports healthy digestion. It nourishes bones, coat, and skin naturally. It even promotes healthy gut flora, helps your liver detoxify, hydrates your body with its abundance of vitamins, minerals, and other necessary nutrients.

burdock root

Burdock root :

Antioxidants like quercetin, luteolin, and phenolic acids are found in burdock root. These are said to lower inflammatory markers while also shielding the body from the damaging effects of free radicals. A 2013 study that looked at how burdock impacts canine health found a link between it and improved dermal fibroblast function.


Ashwagandha :

An evergreen shrub called ashwagandha is well known for its apoptogenic qualities, which improve how effectively the body reacts to stress. This natural herb is regarded as safe for dogs when used in the recommended dosages. Improved emotional balance and a decreased chance of feeling stressed in a new environment are a couple of the effects it has on a dog’s body that have been scientifically proven.

Astragalus Root

Astragalus Root :

A typical plant called astragalus boosts the immune system and fights disease. In horses, dogs, and cats, it aids in the treatment of chronic conditions. Unusually, it has the capacity to suppress some immunological processes while stimulating others. It also has antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion Root :

The dandelion leaves are a great source of many vitamins that are good for you. It is a great addition to any dog’s daily diet because it is quickly absorbed by the body’s cells. To duplicate the effects of dandelion on your dog alone, you need several herbs.


Turmeric :

Turmeric contains curcumin, which is essentially its active component. For dogs, curcumin has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, wound-healing, and anticancer properties. It can aid in the treatment of a number of diseases, such as liver disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and gastrointestinal disorders.

MTC oil

MTC oil :

MTC oil supports healthy cartilage and joint functions and encourages simple digestion.
It organically stimulates the properties of turmeric that benefit your body. It continues to provide nutrients and promotes normal brain function. Additionally, it lessens seizures in epileptic dogs.


Horsetail :

The herb family Equisetaceae includes the perennial fern known as horsetail. According to existing research, the herb may be useful for treating osteoporosis and conditions like bone healing. Among other things, this herb has a natural diuretic effect and may speed up the healing of wounds. Do dogs also benefit from these human-cantered advantages? The opposite seems to be true.

Bovine Collagen

Bovine Collagen :

The body produces a type of protein called collagen in small amounts, and it is stored in the muscles, tendons, bones, skin, blood vessels, and digestive system. Cooking cow meat in boiling water produces bovine collagen. Collagen is created through this process, and it is later powdered and dried for use in supplements.

These are the all natural ingredients used in the making of this supplement. This solidifies the fact that this supplement is 100% safe to use.

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UltraK9 Pro Benefits

Natural and Safe Formula

UltraK9 Pro’s natural and safe ingredients are one of its most significant benefits. The proprietary formula is plant-based, non-GMO, and contains no harmful stimulants or chemicals that could negatively impact your dog’s health. It ensures your furry friend gets the best possible support without side effects.

Easy to Use

UltraK9 Pro is straightforward to use. The formula comes in a convenient dropper bottle, which makes it easy to administer. You can easily administer UltraK9 Pro by adding the recommended dosage to your dog’s food or water. You can also directly feed them.

Supports Digestive Health

We designed UltraK9 Pro specifically to support dogs’ digestive health. The ingredients work together to improve the absorption of nutrients and support healthy digestion. It can help your dog to maintain a healthy weight, have more energy, and reduce digestive issues.

Improves Joint and Bone Health

As dog’s age, their joint and bone health can deteriorate, leading to arthritis and mobility issues. UltraK9 Pro’s potent blend of ingredients supports joint and bone health, helping your furry friend stay active and comfortable for longer.

Supports Immune System

A robust immune system is essential for your dog’s health and well-being. UltraK9 Pro contains powerful ingredients supporting the immune system, helping your dog fight illnesses and infections. It can lead to a healthier, happier dog with more energy and vitality.

Supports Skin and Coat Health

UltraK9 Pro contains chicken bone broth, which is rich in nutrients that can improve the health of your dog’s skin and coat. The broth is also easy to digest, making it an ideal ingredient for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Ashwagandha aids inreducing anxiety and stress in dogs, as it is a potent adaptogen. It can be particularly beneficial for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, a phobia of loud noises, or other stressful circumstances.

Improves Cognitive Function

Specific components found in UltraK9 Pro, such as ginseng and astragalus root, have demonstrated the ability to enhance cognitive function in dogs. This supplement may be particularly advantageous for senior dogs that may face a decline in cognitive function as they grow older.

Boosts Energy and Vitality

UltraK9 Pro contains natural ingredients that enhance your dog’s energy and well-being. This formula can be particularly beneficial for older dogs or those with health conditions that cause low energy levels.

Promotes Healthy Teeth and Gums

Horsetail is a rich calcium source, essential for healthy teeth and gums. Adding UltraK9 Pro to your dog’s diet can help support their dental health and prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Enhances Nutrient Absorption

UltraK9 Pro is a mix of ingredients that enhance nutrient absorption in dogs. It is particularly beneficial for dogs with digestive problems or trouble absorbing nutrients from their diet. By working together, the ingredients aid in better nutrient uptake for dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether a meal is dry or wet, premade or store-bought, Ultrak9 Pro can be added. and watch him devour every morsel, pleading for more!

Every pet I’ve ever met loved chicken broth, and UltraK9 Pro tastes like rich chicken bone broth. We went to great lengths to make UltraK9 Pro as tasty and nourishing as we could. So far, the feedback I’ve received from thousands of dog owners about how much their dogs loved UltraK9 Pro and had the time of their lives is all positive.

If you live in the US or Canada, your order will be delivered directly to your home or place of business using a premium carrier like FedEx or UPS, and you can anticipate it to arrive in 5 to 7 business days.
In general, international orders take 8 to 15 business days (plus the time needed for customs clearance).

It is available through ultrak9–pro.com. For a limited time, they offer
three discounted packages: Basic bottle – $39 Per Bottle.

It is manufactured in the USA by our FDA-approved, GMP-certified
facility. We adhere to the highest standards

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